Annual Yearbook Reporting

It’s time again for reporting of Yearbook statistics for the past year. The UCC Data Hub is open and ready for your submission. Churches are responsible for inputting their information into the Data Hub. To log into the Data Hub, you will need to know your church ID number which is #«Church_ID».  How it appears here is how you will enter it in the data hub. Your password the first time you log in this year is “yearbook2021

The national office has provided an instruction booklet that explains each tab within the database entry area. You can find the workbook here: “Church Yearbook Instructions.” Here are 12 Important Reasons to Report Annual Church Data.

Before entering data at each tab, read the instructions because there are a few pointers that you will want to know prior to data entry. The instructions will walk you through the actual entry steps. The last six pages of the “Church Yearbook Instructions” (7-12) include a worksheet for your raw data to help organize before you enter the data.

A “Tip Sheet” is also provided that explains each field that you will actually see on the data base as well as tutorial videos. There has been a change to how financials are reported by local churches so be sure to read the information on “Other UCC Giving.” Also, there are changes to how to report attendance because online attendance is reported differently than in-person. Please make sure your attendance number is only for in-person. Here is the guide to how to report online attendance. There is also a guide to help with church participants and community engagement.

Be sure to have your “Church Yearbook Instructions” available before you start to enter your data. This year, you are able to make edits after you submit if you see something incorrect for 2018 only. If you have trouble making corrections, please contact Heather Fosburgh at [email protected].

This year, all churches who complete both the Yearbook entries and the Supplemental Questions will be entered for prizes given by the National Church. There will be 30 prizes awarded. Be sure to submit both in order to be entered in the drawings. Last year one of our churches won the gift card, hopefully this year it will be your church!

Please do not contact the national office with questions or issues related to the data hub. Instead contact Heather Fosburgh at 404-719-6572 or [email protected]  and she will be able to help you with your issues. If you are not able to reach Heather, the Southeast Conference has been granted access to a Yearbook Helpline. The Helpline is available Mondays –Fridays from 9am-3:30pm Eastern.  Please only use the helpline if you cannot reach the Conference Office.

Please send an email to the Conference office at [email protected]  when you have completed your data entry. We are hoping to get 100% reporting this year.

Remember, data entry must be completed by February 28th in order to be listed in the 2020 Yearbook.

Thank you all for the work that you do in providing the national office and the Southeast Conference with this important information.