Leadership Development

Pastoral and Lay leadership development is the future of our Church. We must be intentional about developing the leaders that we will need both now and in the future. In the Southeast Conference we are looking for passionate leaders. We believe there is a difference between being driven and being passionate when it comes to leadership. Leaders who are driven are trying to seek approval for something. They focus on the goal alone.

Leaders who are passionate in leadership
savor the journey as much as the destination.

Those that are driven usually depend on the attention of others; those passionate work from a spiritual center within. Driven people burn out. Passionate people do not.

Here are Some Opportunties for Leadership Development:

• PATHWAYS Theological Education
• Leadership Development Seminars / Webinars at Center for Progressive Renewal
• UCC History and Polity Course 

We believe strongly that the future of our Church depends upon the passionate leadership skill of men and women convinced and convicted by the Good News of Jesus Christ. The United Church of Christ has a unique message in our world – a message of inclusivity and welcome for ALL God’s people – and we are training the leaders to proclaim that message to the world.