Search Committee Worship Resources

To the congregations, pastors, staff and members of the Southeast Conference,

As we begin our search process for a new Designated Conference Minister for the Southeast Conference, we invite you to join us in reflection and prayer for this important task. Please feel free to use any or all of these resources, on the first Sunday of each month beginning in July, so that we may draw close to God and to one another as we move into the future together. 

South by Southeast

A Poem for the Southeast Conference- UCC

Welcome to the South
By Southeast—
We’re glad you’re here!
Our joy manifests
In smiles and hugs,
Warm and “genu-wine”.
Our “Hey Y’all” is infectious
Whether native or acquired
In the southern sun.
The hospitality of our regions
Is updated, punctuated
By understandings
Of an inclusive Gospel—
Good News for all,
Embracing and extending.
We are hot-hot-hot!
Small but scrappy,
Spaciously spread over six states—
We work hard and dream harder,
Often seeing blue oases
In steaming deserts of red.
Our theologies, politics
Our radical Love and worship soar
Midst magnolias and commerce,
Peachtrees and promise,
Over oyster roasts and
Moon pie melodies—
Sculpted by civil rights,
Mountain heights,
Emerald coast and rocket hopes—
Dixie hearts transform
On Pathways to discovery.
We walk in the newness of life,
We’re having the time of our lives
In Christ—
Come South
By Southeast!

Regina Drake
Copyright © 2013 by Regina Drake
All Rights Reserved.


A Prayer for the Southeast Conference

L: We give you thanks, O God, for the calling to be your church and for the power you give to us to fulfill that calling. In our search process, help us to be faithful to the best of our past and open to a new vision of our future.

     P: In our work together, lead us in the way of Christ; the way of your love, justice and peace; so that the Southeast Conference of the United Church of Christ may long continue to be a sign and symbol of your Spirit at work in the world. Amen.


A Litany of Rededication

L1: O God of Unbounded Love, we give thanks to you this day for those who responded to your call to establish             this Conference.

L2: We give thanks for the continuing ministry and mission of this church and the wider United Church of Christ of             which we are a part.

L1: With gratitude for those who have gone before us, we rejoice at the inspiration which continues to be found in             our midst and within our denomination.

L2: In this moment of new beginnings, we rededicate ourselves to the calling we share.

As your people and on behalf of our Conference…

ALL: This day we recommit ourselves…

     L1: To proclaim the liberating gospel of Jesus Christ & dare to believe it,

L2: To interpret the scriptures thoughtfully, expecting more light and truth to break forth in every generation,

ALL: This day we recommit ourselves…

     L1: To comfort those who mourn, care for those who are hurting and welcome all who are in need of spiritual             community;

L2: To support congregations of all kinds, and to provide support for the spiritual lives of children and adults,             including guidance, inspiration and friendship for youth;

ALL: This day we recommit ourselves…

     L1: To open closed minds, give hope to tired hearts and inspire one another to live with courage and passion;

L2: To foster faith and encourage interfaith dialogue characterized by respect for religious diversity and freedom;

ALL: This day we recommit ourselves…

     L1: To act to overcome evil with good, and promote peace and justice;

L2: To embrace our identity as Creation-loving, Open and Affirming, Justice-seeking people of the United Church of             Christ;

ALL: This day we recommit ourselves…

     L1: To find fresh ways to proclaim our belief in God’s unbounded love for all people & all creation,

L2: And to seek new avenues to share such love both within the Conference & beyond, in the wider community             which surrounds us.



Creator of all things new, O God who dreams in us, set free our minds and enlighten our hearts, that we may have the vision to discern the path of Christ in the days ahead, and find both the love and the courage we need to follow wherever Christ leads. In the name of the Love that is boundless, we pray. Amen.