Conference Minister Search Committee

In January 2013, as we prepared for Rev. Dr. Tim Downs’ retirement, the Board of Directors of the Southeast Conference gathered representatives from across the Conference to begin the discernment process of calling a new conference minister. This Search Committee has since met on a monthly basis to compile a profile to introduce our conference to potential candidates; develop a job description of what we are looking for in a new conference minister; create a timeline for the process; and extend an invitation to all of our local congregations to get involved in the search.
Below you’ll find downloadable copies of all of these documents, including a survey of what questions you’d like to ask candidates and what your church’s top priorities for support from the conference are. We invite you to peruse the profile, job description, timeline, and an explanation of what calling a “designated conference minister” means. Take a moment to listen to Regina Drake’s evocative poem introducing our Conference to candidates and to fill out the survey. Then share the litany of prayer with your congregation so that you can join with churches across the conference in praying over the search process on the 2nd Sunday of each month. The Search Committee does our work on your behalf, and we welcome your comments and covet your prayers!

The Search Committee

South by Southeast
Click here to listen to “South by Southeast,” a poem written and performed by Regina Drake.

DownloadApplication for position of Designated Conference Minister
DownloadSoutheast Conference Profile
DownloadConference Minister Job Description