New Church Planting

Church Planting Together Partnership Progressive UCCWhen the “God is Still Speaking” campaign started in 2005 there was a broad response across the country of people who were looking for a church that embodied the inclusive and affirming values of the UCC. People visited the God Is Still Speaking website to find a church in their neighborhood. This was especially true in the Southeast Conference which accounted for 50% of the visits to the national site from around the country. In order to meet the needs of those who are searching for the welcome that the United Church of Christ has to offer, we’ll have to plant new churches!

If you are interested in starting a new church in the Southeast Conference, contact the Conference office.

We’ve included some resources for church planting here:

Church Planting UCC Guide

Download A Guidebook for Planting Congregations in the United Church of Christ

Leadership Assessment Tools

Leadership assessment is a critical part of developing church leaders for our current world. Finding leaders with strong integrity, vision and communication skills is our goal in the UCC. To that end, we have developed or discovered a number of assessment tools which help us all evaluate and train our emerging leaders. Some of these tools include:

• SEC Steps for Assessment for New Church Development (PDF link)
• DISC Profile
• SEC Written Interview (PDF link)