Applying for a Theological Education Scholarship

The Southeast Conference, United Church of Christ administers scholarships through its Scholarship Committee. These funds are made available from the Southeast Theological Scholarship account and provide assistance to those studying to prepare themselves for authorized ministry within the United Church of Christ. These funds are restricted to those with membership in a United Church of Christ within this conference. These scholarships will be awarded directly to the recipient’s educational institution or certification program provider and can be applied to tuition and fees.

The Southeast Conference, United Church of Christ will use its investment income designated for student financial assistance as follows:


Scholarships will be awarded to Members in Discernment enrolled in appropriate programs in preparation for ministry. A scholarship would be awarded based on financial need, to a student in each of these categories: Master of Divinity in a seminary accredited by the Association of Theological Seminaries or a recognized path of the multiple paths to ministry in the United Church of Christ.

Eligibility requirements include but not limited to:

  • Must be an active member of an authorized United Church of Christ body for at least one year,
  • Currently enrolled in or accepted into an accredited program that is recognized by the United Church of Christ,
  • Currently enrolled into or accepted into a continuing education program that is applicable to the needs of the United Church of Christ.

Scholarships will be limited to one award in an academic year and maximum awards are as follows:

  • $ 2,000 — Masters in Divinity path
  • $    600 — First Level Pathways
  • $    750 — Second Level Pathways
  • $ 1,000 — Third Level Pathways
  • $    600 — History and Polity (some restrictions apply)

Depending upon the number of applicants and the perceived level of need, awards may be made that are less than the maximum.

Application Information

A Scholarship Application must be submitted to the Southeast Conference office according to the following priority deadlines:

  • May 15 for fall terms/semesters
  • October 15 for spring terms/semesters

Scholarship Application Form 140.46 KB 55 downloads


In addition to the application an applicant must enclose:

  • Copy of letter and certificate from the Commission on Ministry indicating Member in Discernment status
  • One (1) to two (2) page statement describing personal faith pilgrimage, biography, educational and vocational plans
  • Letters of recommendation/endorsement from your home church, Chairperson of the Commission on Ministry and your MID advisor

The Southeast Conference Scholarship Committee of the Commission on Ministry will administer this Any decision made by the Committee may be appealed to the Commission on Ministry.