Starting the Member in Discernment process

The process of becoming a Member In Discernment (MID) starts at the local church. A person seeking to become a MID must be an active member of the local church through which he or she begins this process for a minimum of one year. The Covenant of Discernment between the candidate, his or her local church, and the Commission Ministry is to be a minimum of one year, and is not to exceed seven years.

Someone who is interested in the formation process for the ministry should first seek out a conversation with their pastor or the church’s discernment committee. Once this conversation has begun the candidate should prepare the following for their pastor and discernment committee. These will later be submitted to the Conference as part of the candidate’s portfolio.

  • Letter indicating the candidate’s desire to become a member in discernment in preparation for ordained, licensed or commissioned ministry.
  • A statement of the candidate’s pilgrimage of faith
  • A statement of his/her understanding of his/her calling at this time.
  • A complete resume
  • Complete undergraduate and graduate transcripts

Following approval from the church’s discernment committee, the candidate should solicit three written references of support for the candidate to enter the discernment process and A letter of support and recommendation of the candidate to be a Member in Discernment from the local church.

The candidate should submit this information to the Conference along with the application form to apply for MID or standing in the UCC.

After this point, the candidate should plan on attending the next possible exploration retreat.