UCC History and Polity

Lead Facilitator: Rev. Dr. Tim Downs
Co-Facilitator: Heather Bardole

The Center for Progressive Renewal is offering a fall semester online UCC History, Polity and Theology class beginning September 7th and ending December 14th. The class meets the polity requirements for authorization for ministry and has been accepted as a three credit course in eight seminaries including all seminaries in Atlanta.

It is a rigorous, engaging class that is offered asynchronistically. It is designed to meet the needs of students with different learning styles and varying levels of formal education.

The facilitators for the class are fully engaged and available throughout the class to the students. Dr. Downs has been teaching this course for eighteen years, and online for the last six years. It has evolved and adapted to the changes in the UCC and the changing needs of those seeking authorization for ministry.

Any questions about can be directed to Tim Downs, the lead facilitator, at [email protected]. The cost of the class is $629, and students can register online at the Center for Progressive Renewal (progressiverenewal.org/learn/). Enrollment is limited, so early registration is highly encouraged!