The Church’s Role in Discernment

The Ministry Issues Pronouncement affirmed that local churches play a vital role alongside Committees on the Ministry in identifying, nurturing, and discerning with members who may be called to authorized ministry. It recognized, first, the importance of creating a “culture of call” within local congregations. Two affirmations are central: Every local church holds potential future leaders in its midst. Moreover, every local church has the capacity to make identification, nurture, and support part of its ongoing mission and witness.

The Ministry Issues Pronouncement also highlighted the role local churches play in doing discernment with members who have already started to consider authorized ministry. Members in Discernment should have a Ministry Discernment Committee in their local church in addition to the Association’s Committee on Ministry. Churches’ discernment can parallel the COM’s process of discernment.

A resource guide has been designed for local churches to understand the process. You can read it by clicking on sections below. You can download the guide for printing by clicking here: Role of Local Church with Member in Discernment

Creating a “culture of call” in the local church

Characteristics of calling congregations

Practices of calling congregations

Local Church Ministry Discernment