Did You Know: the SEC is 46 Years Young!

The Southeast Conference was the last of the conferences of the United Church of Christ to be organized following the formation of the denomination in 1957. Opposition to the organization of the conference was provoked especially by a measure passed at the 1963 UCC General Synod calling for the termination of financial support to churches […]

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Our Southeast Conference

We are one of the 38 conferences of the United Church of Christ, and comprised of a five-and-a-half state area including the states of Georgia, South Carolina, Tennessee (excluding the city of Memphis), Alabama, Mississippi (excluding the coastal area surrounding Interstate10), and the Florida panhandle west of the Apalachicola River. The Southeast Conference (SEC) is […]

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American Missionary Association

The American Missionary Association planted numerous academies and colleges for those African-Americans freed from slavery by virtue of the South’s defeat in the American Civil War. In some cases, former Union officers returned to territories they had conquered to aid the emancipated new citizens. Among those institutions still existing today are Fisk University (Tennessee), Atlanta […]

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Host of the 25th General Synod

On July 1- 5 July 2005, the Conference played host to the historic 25th General Synod of the UCC, which was held in Atlanta’s Georgia World Congress Center. A resolution passed by Synod delegates affirming the right of gay and lesbian persons to marry instantly drew national media attention, as this made the UCC the […]

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Christian Connection in Alabama and Georgia

The “Christian Connection,” a group of churches generally associated with the Restorationist movement, emerged in the Chattahoochee River valley of western Georgia and eastern Alabama in the mid-19th century with a number of congregations espousing the “five points” of Christian unity. This group later founded Southern Union College in Wadley, Ala., now a part of […]

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