Healthy Boundaries Workshops for 2021

Required Training for the Prevention of Clergy Misconduct

healthyboundariesAs most are aware, Healthy Boundary training is now mandatory in the United Church of Christ. These workshops are intended to equip ordained, commissioned, and licensed clergy to understand healthy boundaries in ministry relationships. Healthy and vital ministries rely on trust and mutual support to create spaces of welcome and safety for all. Leaders must understand the role of power and vulnerability in order to create and maintain healthy boundaries and to choose healthy self-care strategies.

These workshops are a joint endeavor of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Georgia and the Southeast Conference of the United Church of Christ and fulfill requirements for such a workshop every five years for DOC clergy and every four years for UCC clergy to retain ministerial standing.

There are three workshops offered:

  • Healthy Boundaries 101: Fundamentals is an introduction to healthy boundaries for clergy and church leaders. Topics include power, vulnerability, dating, friendships, dual relationships, transference, intimacy, hugging, and self-care. It is a prerequisite to Healthy Boundaries 201. (Fee is $75)
  • Healthy Boundaries 201: Beyond Basics and Into the Internet is an advanced discussion of healthy boundaries for clergy and church leaders, designed for those who have completed Healthy Boundaries 101. Participants will cover boundaries, power, vulnerability, and self-care, as well as topics in internet technology and social media. There is a prerequisite of Healthy Boundaries 101 or a similar foundation workshop. (Fee is $75)
  • Healthy Boundaries for Retired Ministers: Retired ministers who do not serve as pastors in a local church but who may preach periodically, officiate at weddings, funerals, etc. now have the option to attend a special Healthy Boundaries Course focused on issues faced by retired ministers. The course fulfills the four-year requirement for Southeast Conference clergy. (Fee is $35)

2021 Courses

  • Healthy Boundaries 101: April 30-May 1 (online)
  • Healthy Boundaries 101: June 4-5 (online)
  • Healthy Boundaries for Retired Ministers: August 18 (online) –  REGISTER
  • Healthy Boundaries 101: September 17-18 (online) – REGISTER
  • Healthy Boundaries for Retired Ministers: October 6 (Central Congregational Church, Atlanta) – REGISTER
  • Healthy Boundaries for Retired Ministers: October 20 (Pleasant Hill Community Church, Pleasant Hill, TN) – REGISTER
  • Healthy Boundaries 101: November 5-6 (online) – REGISTER


The 101 and 201 workshops use the Healthy Boundaries/Clergy Ethics curriculum developed by FaithTrust Institute, a national, multifaith, multicultural training, and education organization that is used by faith communities across the U.S. The Retired Ministers curriculum has been developed by the Southeast Conference.