Healthy Boundaries Workshops

Required Training for the Prevention of Clergy Misconduct

healthyboundariesHealthy Boundary training is mandatory in the United Church of Christ. The workshops listed below will equip ordained, commissioned, and licensed clergy to understand healthy boundaries in ministry relationships. Healthy and vital ministries rely on trust and mutual support to create spaces of welcome and safety for all. Leaders must understand the role of power and vulnerability to create and maintain healthy boundaries and choose healthy self-care strategies.

These workshops fulfill the requirements for such a workshop every four years for UCC clergy to retain ministerial standing.

2024 Courses

For Active Clergy

  • The first Healthy Boundary Training for the year will be on March 4, 2024 from 1 pm EST/12 pm CST to 5 pm EST/4 pm EST. Please register if you need Boundary Training this year or have not taken it yet. Register
  • Boundary Awareness Training for Ministers in Specialized Settings, with Revs. Tara Barber and Anissa Glaser-Bacon will be held Monday, January 29, 2024, 6:00 – 9:00pm ET. This training is open to ministers serving in specialized settings throughout the United Church of Christ. Serving in specialized settings requires particular attention to boundaries within the ministry setting and home church that are challenging and different from those serving as local church pastors. This training will focus on matters that relate specifically to issues that these ministers face, providing opportunities for clergy to reflect on best practices and growth in their practice of ministry. Register

For Retired Clergy

  • Join Rev. Char Burch on Zoom for Retired Ministers Boundary Training. This training will be from 1 pm to 4 pm Eastern on Wednesday, January 31, 2024, and fulfills the Southeast Conference’s Healthy Boundary Training Requirement for those Authorized Ministers who are retired but who are not Exempt. We welcome Retired Ministers from other Associations and Conferences, but please check with your Conference/Association first to make sure they will accept our training for their requirement. Register

NOTE: We are in the process of revamping our curriculum this year and will be only offering a couple of courses. However, you can also take boundary training from any other UCC Conference or Association. Some Conferences that we know allow outside UCC Clergy to attend include: