Willing to Respond

Willing to Respond is an initiative that has been created to engage congregations in disaster preparedness. For the Southeast Conference it serves as a great first step to get congregations moving and connected. We have access to the congregations who are engaging in the initiative so that we can work with them and know who is in the best position to care for themselves and the community and be called on should a disaster strike. We actively encourage congregations and ministry settings to start with this initiative, as the Southeast part of the USA is one of the highest risk disaster regions in the UCC, yet we are not well-prepared.

This free, new and rapidly growing network is providing congregations with practical tools, training and relationships, including online resources and connection to your Conference Disaster Coordinator and to denominational, ecumenical and other disaster response resources. It’s simple to access and has an easy three-step process to register.

Willing to Respond is a United Church of Christ collaboration with Disciples of Christ Week of Compassion, and Houston Responds.

“Willing to Respond is not a one-size-fits-all program,” emphasized Lesli Remaly, United Church of Christ Minister for Disaster Response and Recovery. “The way you serve is up to your congregation, as God is leading you.

“In fact,” Remaly said, “Your congregation may already be serving disaster survivors by assembling CWS Kits and Emergency Clean-Up Buckets, contributing to UCC appeals, deploying work teams to disaster rebuilding sites or helping people in your community clean up after a flood or storm.

“Willing to Respond will help your congregation review its experience, available resources and community context; discern your growing edges, and get ready to respond when disaster strikes,” she said. “The Willing to Respond network helps your congregation get connected to collaborate.” Join Us Today!

Learn more: www.willingtorespond.org