Commission on Ministry

The Commission on Ministry and its committees is charged with the preparation of candidates for ministry as well as the oversight and authorization of ministers. In the UCC there are three categories of authorization for ministry; licensed, commissioned, or ordination.  The Commission also acts to work with local churches that wish to affiliate with the United Church of Christ. On this site we have located resources that do the following:

  • Provide guidance to churches that seek to affiliate with the United Church of Christ
  • Offer summaries of steps toward becoming a licensed, commissioned or ordained minister in the UCC
  • Guide candidates through the process of becoming members in discernment
  • Provide an oversight of ways to secure scholarship support for theological education and training.
  • Annual report forms for all the categories of ministry and members in discernment.

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Ecclesiastical Council Approves Two Candidates for Ordination

The Southeast Conference Commission on Ministry held an Ecclesiastical Council on May 1, 2018 at Central Congregational Church in Atlanta for Tiffany Cox and...

Ecclesiastical Councils Set for Tiffany Cox and Mi Young Choi

The Commission on Ministry invites you to Ecclesiastical Councils for Tiffany Cox and Mi Young Choi at Central Congregational UCC in Atlanta GA on...

Congratulations to Cindy Barto and to James Bowman Harris

Congratulations to Cindy Barto and James Bowman Harris, who each passed their Ecclesiastical Councils with a unanimous vote by the Southeast Conference on Saturday,...

Ecclesiastical Councils Set for March 17

The Commission on Ministry invites the Conference to the Ecclesiastical Councils for James Bowman Harris and Cindy Barto at 1:00 p.m. on Saturday March...

Info Session: Preparing for Authorized Ministry on Wed, Feb 15

On Wednesday, February 15, the Southeast Conference, United Church of Christ will hold an ecclesiastical council for Larry Gipson, the final step in his...