List of Pledging Churches

The Southeast Conference would like to thank the following churches for their generous gifts to the Capital Campaign:

ChurchAmount Pledged
Athens Trinity$6,500.00
Atlanta Central$125,000.00
Atlanta First$118,560.00
Atlanta Kirkwood$20,000.00
Belvidere First United$4,555.00
Birmingham First$24,000.00
Birmingham Pilgrim$5,225.00
Charleston Circular$21,070.00
Chattanooga First$5,000.00
Clemson Peace$1,000.00
Columbia Garden of Grace$20,000.00
Knoxville Church of the Savior$40,000.00
Lafayette Sandy Creek$5,000.00
Marion First$1,660.00
Montgomery FirstAnnual Offering
Nashville Holy Trinity$25,000.00
Pleasant Hill Community$82,608.00
Rush Memorial$10,000.00
Savannah First$8,400.00
Talladega First$6,500.00
Thomasville Bethany$5,720.00
Tougaloo Congregational$3,000.00