Transforming Churches – Transforming Lives: The Capital Campaign


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In July 2009, we launched the TRANSFORMING CHURCHES—TRANSFORMING LIVES campaign with the audacious goal of raising A Million Dollars that would help carry the Southeast Conference, United Church of Christ into a new phase of growth and renewal, building on the remarkable progress achieved during the past decade.

The driving force of the campaign, a commitment to assure a continuing, vibrant, and faithful Conference in the name of Jesus Christ—is now being realized.   We hope you will spread this good news among the faithful and act in support of our goals.  Here’s our good news so far:

  • $646,000 has been pledged from churches and individuals
  • We are now in a position to begin investing the Campaign funds by:
    • Building Leadership within local churches and the Conference
    • Building Congregations:  the creation of new ones and revitalizing existing ones
    • Building Connection & Communication across the Conference
  • An application process for churches and individuals to apply for funds is in the planning phase and will be launched into availability very soon.
  • We want to continue to grow the total dollars pledged to One Million dollars so it’s not too late to participate as an individual or as a congregation.  Already pledged? Thank you and please continue to make your payments.

It’s important to know that numerous grants have been awarded to our conference in part because of the generosity displayed by our churches in this Capital Campaign. In the past two years, the Conference has received $220,000 in grant monies from the Carpenter foundation, Essential Conference Ministries and East Alabama-West Georgia Association.