Guidelines for Submitting a Grant Application

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Application and Funding Timetables

There are 2 open cycles for submitting an application each year:

  • Mid-January to end of February
  • Mid-September to end of October

Funds for approved grants will be dispersed in April and in November. Any Church in the Southeast Conference or the Southeast Conference itself may apply up to three consecutive cycles and then must skip a year. Funding is considered for up to a maximum of $5,000 per application. Repeat applications assume the church project which was originally funded has submitted a project evaluation to the Conference. Additionally a church can only be granted funding four times over the lifetime of the TCTL Campaign. Project evaluation forms can be found on the Conference website.

Procedures for Applicants

There are 3 ways to complete an application:

  1. Online directly from the Conference website
  2. Request a paper application from
  3. Email an electronic version of the application directly to Carrole Moss at gro.c1544856967cuces1544856967@ssom1544856967c1544856967.

Maximum amount awarded for each grant application is $5,000.00. Applications are submitted to the Conference Review Committee through the website or mailed directly to Carrole Moss, Generosity Coordinator at PO Box 1950, Decatur, Georgia 30031.


Well Written Applications

Detail. Detail. Detail. The Committee is looking for worthy projects that have been well thought out and show it in how the application is written. Each question on the application (if it applies) is expected to be fully explained in writing. The Committee expects a proposed budget; i.e. how the monies will be spent which will detail expenses. Well written applications will also include Goals and a Timeline.

What Kind of Projects are Considered?

Projects the committee considers are ones that support one or more of these objectives:

  • Building Congregations within the Congregation or in the Community
  • Building Leaders – Adult, Youth or Clergy
  • Building Covenant and Connection

See the application form for more explanation of the above goals.