Capital Campaign Grant Application

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Greetings and thanks for your interest in applying for Grant monies from the SEC Transforming Churches – Transforming Lives Campaign.  This is an exciting time for the renewal and growth of our churches.

Instructions for Applying

  1. Who is Eligible? Existing churches, new church starts of the SEC, and the Southeast Conference.
  2. Criteria? Projects must support the original initiatives of the Campaign: to build Covenant and Connection, to build Leaders, and to build Congregations.
  3. When are applications accepted? There are two application cycles (Fall and Spring) each year through 2018. The current enrollment period is September 18 through October 31, 2017. Next grant cycle will begin January 22, 2018.

If problems or questions come up during the application process, please contact Debbie Spearman at [email protected]. She or a member of the committee will respond to you in a timely way. Please do not call the Conference Office.

Information about the Grants

  1. Grants of up to $5,000 per application will be considered. Notification and disbursement of funding will be in November 2017.
  2. All awarded grants will be required to submit a follow-up report within 60 days after the grant project is completed. Click here for the reporting form. This report will be presented to the Board of Directors.
  3. No grants will be considered for routine operational expenses.
  4. Only one grant per church considered per cycle.
  5. Churches may not seek a new grant until a previous grant has been completed and a follow up report submitted to the Committee.

Guidelines for Applying

Apply for a Grant


Although an online application is our preferred method of submitting your grant application, you can also download the form as either a PDF for Word Document.

To submit a scanned PDF or Word version of the application:

  • Print and mail to the Conference office
  • Email to Debbie Spearman at [email protected]

Reporting Form

Once you have completed the initiative which your grant funded you are required to submit a follow-up report.