The Atlanta-area congregations of the United Church of Christ welcome you!

Our faith is 2000 years old. Our thinking is not.

We believe in God’s continuing testament. This is why we are committed to hearing God’s ancient story anew and afresh in our lives and in the world today.

No matter where you are or where you are on life’s journey, you are welcome here.

We believe in extravagant welcome. We advocate justice for all. Our congregations extend hospitality as a sign of God’s inclusive love. We are a church that welcomes and accepts everyone as they are, where your mind is nourished as much as your soul.

Never place a period where God has placed a comma.

We believe the church’s mission is to change lives – individually, systemically and globally. We are committed to working for justice, and we believe that lives are changed through global experiences and friendship.

We are not a perfect church, but we do try to be faithful.

We are known for arriving early on issues of inclusivity and justice. We were the first to ordain an African-American pastor (1785), a woman (1853), an openly gay person (1972), and the first to affirm same-gender marriage equality (2005). We believe faith requires tenderness and courage, a kind of big love that is committed to changing peoples’ lives – in our churches, but also in the world around us.

We continue to change lives throughout the world.

We work alongside more than 200 mission partners. We labor ceaselessly to fight injustice, in the United States and abroad. We instill our vision into our youth and young adults, forging leaders who will imagine new dreams.

You’re invited. Join us in the United Church of Christ.

We are a church where Jesus the healer meets Jesus the revolutionary, and where together, we grow a just and peaceful world. We believe in a God that is still speaking, a God that is all-loving and inclusive.