Selected “Firsts” in Southeast Conference History

The United Church of Christ has a rich history in the Southeastern portion of the United States. Here are just a few “firsts” in our Conference.

  • First woman ordained by an association of the Conference: Katheryn Wilson, by the North AL Association, in 1971
  • First African-American ordained by an association of the Conference: Artis Johnson, Sr., by the GA-SC Association, in 1973
  • First African-American woman ordained by an association of the Conference: Frances W. Bryant, by the GA-SC Association, in 1991
  • Oldest church in the Conference: Circular Congregational UCC, Charleston, SC (1681)
  • Oldest predominantly African-American church in the Conference: First Congregational UCC, Atlanta, GA (1867)
  • First new church start authorized by the Conference: Bonanza (later Trinity) UCC, Jonesboro (later Hampton), GA
  • First congregation to adopt the “Open and Affirming” platform of the UCC Coalition for LGBT Concerns: Brookmeade Congregational UCC, Nashville, TN, 1994
  • First Conference Minister in Conference history: William Jacob Andes
  • First Associate Conference Minister in Conference history: Emilie F. Pitcock
  • First Administrative Assistant in Conference history: Mrs. Wilmer McCord
  • Original location of Conference headquarters: 673 Piedmont Avenue, Atlanta, GA (in basement of Central Congregational Church facility)