Vandal targets pro-LGBTIQQ house of worship in Atlanta

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On January 2, 2024, Virginia Highland Church, a Southeast Conference UCC congregation located in a neighborhood on the Northeast side of Atlanta, was the target of a hate crime. A vandal tore down the rainbow “A Just World For All” banner that was displayed on the front of the church’s building. Virginia Highland Church, an Open and Affirming congregation, is one of several churches in the United Church of Christ in our own Southeast Conference and across the country that have a variety of hate crimes by people who disagree with their radical hospitality and message that “All Are Welcome.” Watch the newscast from Fox 5 Atlanta.

If your congregation has experienced or is concerned that you might become the target of a hate crime and you would like more information about readiness and support, please contact the Conference Offices. Our Southeast Conference staff will work with you on how to best respond to or prepare for such situations.