UCC Announces New Southern Region Generosity Officer, Rev. Dave Sigmund

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A Greeting from the UCC Southern Region Generosity Officer

Hello, my friends of the SE Conference. I am the Rev. Dave Sigmund. I live in Atlanta, GA with my husband, Jay. A couple of years ago we returned “home” after living in Southern California, where I was a local church pastor for nearly 8 years. The SE Conference is our home conference. Maybe you were at my Ecclesiastical Council in 2010 or my Ordination in 2011. I graduated from Candler School of Theology at Emory University and was a member of Kirkwood UCC (where we get to be members again!). In 2017, I joined the National Setting of the UCC as the Ambassador for the 3 Great Loves Initiative, and I then served with the UCC Church Building & Loan Fund. Recently, I joined the Philanthropy team of the UCC National Setting as a Generosity Officer.

Just what is a Generosity Officer, you might wonder? This is a highly relational and collaborative (new) position. I get to work with individuals, pastors, churches, and conference staff to help resource and cultivate generosity to and for our shared mission and values. And yes, that means raising money. But don’t let that worry you. Everyone that gets to know me knows I am a team player. And the team I am working for is Team UCC. We’re all in this together.

I am excited to build deep and meaning relationships across the Southern Region and within the SE Conference. I bring a passion for relationship building, community development, and the power of connection and generosity through shared storytelling. I look forward to getting to know you or know you more in the days ahead!