Disaster Response Ministry Update: April 2023

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2023 has brought with it an onslaught of natural and human-made disasters in the Southeast Conference. Storms, including tornados and high winds, heavy rains, freezing temperatures, softball-sized hail, flooding, and wide-spread power outages have wreaked havoc on both rural and urban areas. In some communities, calamities have piled one on top of another, barely giving first responders time to help people to safety before the next wave hit. All five states in our conference (Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, South Carolina, and Tennessee) have been impacted. The death toll, especially from the most recent storm line that killed at least 32 people in the South and Midwest, has been high.

We are currently working with the UCC National Disaster Response Ministries, VOADs (Voluntary Organizations Acting in Disasters) and/or Long Term Recovery Groups in each state, other UCC conferences, and local congregations and volunteer organizations to respond where assistance is needed.

Donations to assist with response and recovery in communities affected by these deadly storms can be made online at SECUCC.org. Checks may be sent to the Southeast Conference at P.O. Box 1950, Decatur, GA 30031-1950. Please be sure to note when giving either electronically or by check that the donation is for Disaster Response and Recovery.

If you or members of your congregation are interested in volunteering at one of the storm sites, please contact Rev. Kim Wood at kwood@secucc.org for more information. Your name will be shared with area coordinators working on in the community where you would like to help.

Please pray for the victims of these tragic events, their families, the communities impacted, and the first responders. Thank you for all the ways that you extend the care of the Southeast Conference to those in need.