Volunteers from Pleasant Hill Church Visit Back Bay Mission

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November 2022 ‘Missioners’ to Back Bay Mission:
l-r back: Phil Nevius, Mary Ruth, Hugh Thomforde, Scott Martin
l-r front: Vickie Nevius, Vivian Adzaku, Barbara Smith, Sue Peeples.
Photo by Kofi Adzaku.

by Mary Ruth

“If you have never been on a mission trip and think you don’t have the skills or ability or energy or enough people, do think again!” says Barbara Smith of Pleasant Hill Community Church in Pleasant Hill, TN. She was one of 9 missioners who experienced a fabulous week of education and service (Nov 13-19) at Back Bay Mission (BBM) in Biloxi MS and discovered there is much to do and more to learn about poverty and unsheltered/marginalized communities.

At a “Conversations With…” presentation on Dec 8 at Pleasant Hill where missioners shared highlights of their trip experiences, mission trip co-leader Mary Ruth said “if you only ever go on one mission trip, this is the one for you.  It is the ‘Cadillac’ of all mission trips because of its 100 years of experience, energetic and enthusiastic staff, and an outstanding reputation in the Gulf Coast area.”

Each missioner paid $250 for 6 overnights and program expenses.  On Nov 13 gave Back Bay Mission a check for $2,700.  Other expenses were $111 for background checks, $300 for groceries to feed nine missioners for one week, $200 worth of fresh items to the BBM Client Choice food pantry, and $39 for BBM Micah Day Center peanut butter nabs for unsheltered community members. The group carpooled for the 500-mile drive, and delivered a trunk load of coffee for use at the Micah Day Center which was donated by members of Pleasant Hill Community Church, and on the return trip, some stopped in Montgomery to experience The National Memorial for Peace and Justice.

To find out more about bringing a group to Back Bay Mission in Biloxi MS (www.thebackbaymission.org), you may request a copy of ‘how to plan a BBM Mission Trip’, which includes month-by-month planning tips by contacting BBM at volunteercoordinator@thebackbaymission.org.  It’s important to sign up for a specific week about a year in advance, as many groups return year after year.