Giving Tuesday-Make an Impact – Grow the Church

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This Giving Tuesday, your gift can have an ongoing impact.

Make a gift today

that creates the opportunity to plant more congregations who welcome all people on their journey of faith

that equips leaders discerning God’s call to ministries of pastoral care, chaplaincy, counselling, or community service

that supports pastors who minister with you and your congregation to create places of meaningful worship, sanctuary for those who are struggling, and responses to critical human need

Your gift makes it possible for new congregations – whether new starts or established and looking for affiliation – to become part of the UCC. The Southeast Conference in the past two decades has beat the downward trends by growing the number of UCC congregations and overall membership. Your gift will support continued growth.

Your gift helps train new candidates (of which there are currently 19) for pastoral ministry and underwrites costs for the Conference to partner with MIDs (Members in Discernment) through support and by defraying costs associated with preparation for ministry.

Your gift provides pastors with ongoing support of their work from conference staff and peer groups organized by the staff. And when your pastor experiences a personal crisis, critical conference staff pastoral support is available.

Truly welcoming congregations don’t just happen. They come from trained leaders, values held dearly by UCC members and congregations to care for one another and those in physical need, emotional distress, seekers of authentic identities, and those who have experienced recent natural disasters.

Your gift now will extend the pastoral and prophetic ministry of the United Church of Christ in the Southeast!


P.S. Make a supporting gift today for the essential things which are making a difference: leadership in discernment; pastoral leadership; staff working with emerging congregations and new church starts; and a United Church of Christ engaged in making a difference in the critical issues of the region!