An Easter Message from the Conference Minister

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Easter Greetings, Southeast Conference UCC! I pray you are experiencing God’s amazing presence on this glorious day as we celebrate Christ’s Resurrection!

No matter how many times I make the Lenten journey that leads me to the empty tomb, the awe of what has occurred, what God has done for us in restoring Jesus from crucifixion, death, and burial to life is not lost on me. Quite literally, God Incarnate died and rose again! And every year, as we remember and reflect upon those days of gut-wrenching darkness turned to light, we do so not just to move through the motions but to tap into the life-giving love of God who calls us to be church in this time and place.

It is no small coincidence that the Latin word for resurrection, resurrēctus, is grammatically related to resurgere, which translates to “to rise again.”  As we, Christ-followers, revisit Jesus’ last days, those fate-filled hours when he was tried, sentenced to death, and nailed to a cross, we experience again the pain and struggle of injustice, the isolation of marginalization, the cruelty of “isms” that create fertile ground for hatred and attack, and the heartbreak of death that mar and scar society today. We feel the very weight of what we face head-on in this world. But then, God rolls the stone away from the tomb and breaks the heavens wide open, shining light that we might see the Risen Savior in our midst, calling us, the Church, to resurge – TO RISE AGAIN!

May your Easter celebrations be filled with many blessings. And may the light that is Christ fill us, the Southeast Conference, with energy, hope, and determination to break the chains of injustice, get rid of exploitation in the workplace, free the oppressed, cancel debts… share our food with the hungry, invite the homeless poor into our homes, put clothes on the shivering ill-clad, and be available to our own families. (adapted from The Message). Now is the time!