Tiny House Needs a New Home

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Over four years ago Peace Church in Clemson received initial grants from NIN and Southeast Conference to build a mobile tiny house to be used as a temporary shelter for homeless LGBTQ+ young adults.

The project was organized in cooperation with PRISM, a Peace Church-sponsored organization at Clemson University for LGBTQ+ students and allies. The house was designed by a Clemson student. Construction began under the guidance of a volunteer contractor at a location on the Clemson Campus. Students and church members provided volunteer labor. Due to construction by the University, the project was moved to a location some distance from campus. That negatively impacted student participation. Then COVID came.

The project was restarted in November and has neared completion. Hooray! However, the organizations we initially partnered with for the implementation of the project have moved on. One of those partners is now providing temporary housing for homeless LGBTQ+ young adults in their facility. That is a positive outcome of our work, but it will not help with the location of the house.

All of that means we have a homeless house. Churches in the Conference who might be interested in a donation of the tiny house for a mission agency or church mission project should contact the moderator of Peace Church at moderator@thepeacechurch.org.