Church of the Savior Knoxville Featured on NPR

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Our very own Rev. John Gill and Rev. Tanya Barnett were recently featured in an 8-minute piece about Christian Nationalism on National Public Radio’s popular newscast All Things Considered.

The story, entitled “Christian Nationalism is stronger than ever, even without Donald Trump as president,” discusses how Christian Nationalism has grown in the last year. Now, some more mainline churches are speaking out against the movement, which they see as opposed to the teachings of Jesus.

The locus of the conversation is the Knoxville area, where reporter John Burnett talks with the pastors and parishioners from the Church of the Savior, as well as those from Patriot Church in the town of Lenoir City.

The full audio of the story from January 14, 2022, as well as a transcript, is available on the NPR website:

There is a slightly longer piece available on the Consider This podcast: