Announcing a New Partnership at UGA

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The Board of Directors is excited to announce a new Partnership providing a UCC presence with the Presbyterian Student Center (PSC) at the University of Georgia (Athens, GA).  With the calling of UCC minister Rev. Haley Lerner, this special ministry has been strengthened. The Center provides a welcoming place for students – providing a spiritual home that emphasizes inclusion, social justice and spiritual growth. Their website ( provides testimonies from students about the importance of this ministry.

The following video by the Campus Ministers shares this exciting announcement.

Ugena Whitlock, SEC Moderator says, “I am extremely excited by this new ministry. Not only does the partnership present new opportunities with our PSC siblings, but it also gives our Conference and the UCC a presence on campus. This ministry offers care to young (and not so young) folks as it reminds them that God still speaks–and God speaks on university campuses!”

As we begin the school year, if you know of any young person attending the University of GA (Athens), contact PSC through their website and someone will reach out to them to invite them to be part of the PSC community.

Want to be more involved in this special ministry? Rev. Susannah Davis, pastor of Kirkwood UCC wrote: “We are excited to support the ministry and mission of the PSC this September as we provide a meal for HUNGRY COLLEGE STUDENTS at the Presbyterian Student Center at UGA. We are sending $300 to cover their Tuesday Night Fellowship & Worship gathering, and they will prepare or order a meal with the funds provided. YOUR congregation might want to do the same! This is one of the ways we can connect with our students, support this incredible ministry and share in this new and exciting relationship.”

For more information, don’t hesitate to be in touch with Rev. Haley Lerner OR you can give directly to: