Summary of Resolutions from General Synod 33

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At the recent national General Synod (July 11-18, 2021), delegates considered nine “Resolutions of Witness.” These are resolutions that are basically statements made to the wider church and society on behalf of the General Synod delegates and require at least a 2/3 affirmative vote.

General Synod can only speak for itself and does not represent the opinions of local churches. However, because the United Church of Christ is based on covenantal relationships, conferences and local churches are encouraged to consider the resolutions of the General Synod for their own learning and action.

Here is a list of those Resolutions and links to articles from the UCC website:

Declaration For A Just Peace Between Palestine And Israel.  There was much discussion about the wording of this resolution.  The originators of the resolution were clear in wanting to name that the oppression of the Palestinian people by the government of Israel was apartheid.  They were also clear that this was not a statement against Jewish people. The article from the UCC News provides more information, as well as the statement by the UCC Officers:

A Resolution To Advocate And Act To Change The Cash Bail Bond System To Eliminate Racial And Social Injustices Inherent In The Present System.

A Resolution To Ban The Practice Of Conversion Therapy.

A Commitment To Gender Safety & Equity In Ministry Settings.

A Resolution To Declare And Respond To Racism As A Public Health Crisis.  This was sponsored by the Council of Health and Human Ministries who have already created a curriculum to assist churches.

A Resolution Encouraging To End 128 Years Of War Between The United States Of America And The Hawaiian Kingdom. This resolution resulted in lots of discussion, as delegates tried to affirm the importance of listening to voices that are often ignored, as well as trying to respect all voices while clarifying how to do that.  The resolution originally failed, then was reconsidered and passed the next day. Many delegates learned a lot about Hawaiian history. An earlier article provides more background:

“Who Will Speak For The Trees?” A Resolution On The Rights Of Nature.

Becoming A Church Of Contemplatives In Action.  Encourages the UCC to ground social action in prayer and reflection.

A Resolution To Recognize The United Nations International Decade For People Of African Descent (2015-2024)

Changes to the UCC Constitution/Bylaws were also proposed resulting making changes to include some non-binary language.