Back Bay Mission Trip is November 7-13, 2021

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by Mary Ruth

Three Southeast Conference Churches (Pleasant Hill Community Church, United Church of Cookeville, and Safe Harbour Family Church) are sending ‘mission trippers’ Nov 7-13 to Back Bay Mission in Biloxi MS to strengthen neighborhoods, seek justice, and transform lives.  

Folks from the 2017 Back Bay Mission Trip

Twelve people are meeting bi-monthly on zoom to prepare and plan for serving the poor and marginalized of the Mississippi Gulf Coast; explore the connection between Christian faith, service, and social justice; learn about poverty on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, and grow in fellowship with the rest of the group. For more information about Back Bay Mission visit

Back Bay Mission (BBM), a leading mission site of the United Church of Christ, is called to serve the poor and marginalized of the Mississippi Gulf Coast through its multiple ministries. Back Bay Mission is also called to serve the people of the United Church of Christ (and beyond) by providing an exemplary opportunity for service and living out their faith.

At its April 28th planning session, the group established a travel team, a food team and reviewed insurance, background, and liability details. The next mission trip planning session is on June 23. Pleasant Hill Community Church 2021 Mission Trip Action Team Co-Leaders are Mary Ruth ( and Vivian Adzaku (931-287-3167).  Mary serves on the Board of Directors at Back Bay Mission.

Group members are paying $250 each for the 6 overnights at the mission house and the ministry materials provided by Back Bay Mission. Additional costs are related to travel and food and mission house supplies. Persons who choose to be supportive and are unable to make the trip themselves are invited to donate towards expenses by writing a check to PHCC and in the memo put “BBM Mission Trip” and mail it to Pleasant Hill Community Church, PO Box 167, Pleasant Hill TN 38578. Southeast Conference support is welcome and integral to the experience.