Ecclesiastical Council for Tyler Ung

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You Are Invited to Attend the Ecclesiastical Council for Tyler Ung Monday, May 10, 2021 at 5:00 pm Eastern.

The Southeast Conference’s Commission on Ministry invites you to the Ecclesiastical Council of Tyler Ung at 5 pm Eastern Time on May 10, 2021. Ecclesiastical Councils (ECs) are the last step in the process for both Members in Discernment and for Ministers transferring their credentials to the United Church of Christ from another denomination called the Privilege of Call. As part of the EC, you, members of the Southeast Conference, will have the opportunity to listen to the work of the Spirit and vote to Ordain Tyler Ung

Tyler is originally from Pittsburgh, PA, and moved to Charleston in 2017 after receiving his Masters of Divinity at Yale Divinity School. His interests are in theology, ethics, and faith development, as well as cooking, coffee, and music. He lives in North Charleston with his cat Claudette and his greyhound Hermes. Before becoming Associate Minister at Circular Congregational Church, Tyler served as the Children’s Director there and completed his CPE Residency at Roper Hospital. He brings with him his love of progressive faith and his passion for education, spiritual formation, and pastoral care.

The EC will be held online and you can register here: