After the Verdict

Like many other people, I held my breath yesterday when the announcement was given that the jury in Derek Chauvin’s trial had made a decision. As the verdict was read, I felt some of the tension be released and I took a deep breath. But I was not as jubilant as I thought I might be. The verdict reflected accountability for one incident. But it was one in the midst of so many incidents where there has been no accountability.

Perhaps for some of us, the verdict in this trial is a sign that it is possible to work toward more accountability that will lead to justice. Since it happened this time, maybe if we work hard, we can make it happen again.

Over and over again, I am reminded that our real effectiveness is facing the realities within our own communities and working hard to change them.

In this particular incident, there was accountability. But we need to work on accountability within our own communities and even more – make changes in perceptions and understanding so that there is justice and equality. This is the way of Jesus!

Blessings, Char Burch