Annual Meeting Registration is now OPEN!

You can now register online at the link below or on the Annual Meeting page. The registration Fee is $35 for delegates and visitors. (If you cannot use online registration, please contact Heather to learn how you can register offline.)

The website includes information for churches about the number of delegates allowed, along with a tentative schedule. Eventually, Workshop Descriptions, Annual Reports, Business Items, etc. will be posted. But be sure your calendar is marked as follows:

  • Thursday, June 17 (7 pm EDT) – Special presentation about “Juneteenth” led by Bishop Yvette Flunder, pastor of City of Refuge UCC, Oakland, CA, and Presiding Bishop of The Fellowship of Affirming Ministries.
  • June 18 (7 pm EDT) – Opening Worship
  • June 19 – Workshops, Business Session, Closing Worship

Tech Team: We are in the process of creating our “Tech Team.” These are individuals who will assist us with managing the Zoom platforms for our workshops and assisting with the technical aspects of the Business Meeting. If you know someone who is interested in being part of the Tech Team, please contact Rev. Heather Fosburgh at [email protected] or 404-719-6572.

Opening Worship Videos: We are seeking videos that have someone from your church saying, “We praise you, Re-Creating God”. This can easily be done on a phone or computer. It can be done by one person alone or one person surrounded by other members of the congregation during a zoom meeting. The videos will be used as responses during the Gathering Prayer or other parts of the Worship. Email or text the video to Rev. Heather Fosburgh at [email protected] or 404-719-6572.

Outreach pictures or video clips: We are seeking pictures/video clips of members of your congregation involved in mission or justice projects this past year. This may include such things as delivering or giving out food; marching for as a Black Lives Matter witness; sewing masks; etc. We are seeking pictures/video clips showing that even during a pandemic, our church members have continued to be about mission. The pictures/video clips will be shown during the Offering time of worship, as a reminder that our offerings to God include our time, passion, and commitment. Video clips/pictures should be emailed or texted to Rev. Heather Fosburgh at [email protected] or 404-719-6572.

Advertise your church or special project: This is an opportunity for your church to celebrate or advertise during the Annual Meeting. You can purchase time for a short video or picture to be shown. Perhaps you are celebrating a church anniversary, or want to honor your pastor or lift up something special. You supply the picture or the video. Cost: 15 seconds – $25; 30 seconds – $50. In addition to showing it during the Annual Meeting, it will be included on the Annual Meeting website for everyone to view. Interested? Contact Rev. Char Burch at [email protected].