Join a Conference Clergy Community of Practice!

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Do you want more collegial connection? Do you want to explore ways to strengthen your ministry?

Consider joining a Conference Clergy Community of Practice! Three groups will start in January. There are still some spaces available.

What is a Clergy Community of Practice? It is a structured, facilitated small group of colleagues meeting regularly for mutual support, accountability, and learning. Its purpose is to strengthen and sustain pastors in local church and specialized ministry settings by:

  • Offering care, support, and accountability
  • Nurturing practices of spiritual discipline
  • Developing “the craft” of ministry and strengthening practice of pastoral leadership
  • Engaging in theological reflection on pastoral identity and congregational or specialized ministry
  • Forming life-sustaining friendships
  • Preparing for a church whose future we cannot yet see or imagine

The Groups – We are initially creating three groups of 4-5 clergy:

  • Local Church Pastors
  • Pastors of Color
  • Specialized Ministers

How do the groups work?

  • Each group is led by a facilitator, an SEC pastoral colleague trained as a facilitator
  • Groups meet monthly for 1½ – 2 hours; time and day set by the group. Currently, all groups will meet via Zoom.
  • Commitment to the group is for 1 year
  • Each group creates a covenant

Cost: The usual registration fee is $250 annually that provides a stipend for the facilitator and other expenses of the program. However, since these are our first groups, the cost for the first year will be $100. For clergy serving congregations, it is recommended that the congregation pay this registration fee. Registration is due by November 1.

Personal Testimony (Comments by Rev. Heather Fosburgh, Associate Conference Minister):

I have been a part of a community of practice for a couple of years. It is a time I look forward to every month    It has been an opportunity to learn from and with peers doing similar work and has offered new ideas I have integrated into my ministry.  I was a little hesitant when we started because we have always met by Zoom but the platform has not prevented us from forming genuine relationships.