Conference Annual Meeting – Thank you!

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On September 26, 138 lay and clergy delegates participated in our first Virtual Annual Meeting, with additional visitors observing via YouTube Live. There was a wonderful spirit of community! Voting via polls added a new experience for many. There are many people that made it all possible. We are greatly appreciative of our Tech Stewards that help with issues of technology: Eddie Colf (Brookmeade Congregational UCC, Nashville, TN); Heather Fosburgh (Associate Conference Minister for SEC); Don Harris (SEC Communications Director); Katelyn O’Dunne (Kirkwood UCC, Atlanta, GA); Tyler Ung (Circular Congregational UCC, Charleston, SC); and Dodd Waters (Covenant Community Church, Birmingham, AL). There were also members of the Board of Directors who assisted with presentations, monitored the chat comments and obtained votes that could not be recorded via the polls: Richard Barham (Spirit of the Cross, Huntsville, AL); Heith Battles (Covenant Community Church, Birmingham, AL); Ginnie Ferrell (First Congregational UCC, Atlanta, GA); Penny Hensley (Phoenix Christian Church, Wildersville, TN); Juanita Simmons (Victory for the World Church, Stone Mountain, GA); Gavin Warren (Holy Trinity Community Church, Nashville, TN); Ugena Whitlock (Pilgrimage UCC, Marietta, GA). Thank you also to Rev. Shannon Michael Pater (Central Congregational UCC, Atlanta, GA, and living in India) for serving as Parliamentarian. In addition, an extra thank you to Rev. J.R. Finney II for moderating the meeting and serving as the Moderator for the past four years.

Unfortunately, we had a technical problem with viewing the Opening Worship (which can now be viewed online). Thank you to those involved in worship: Ava Blackwell (Midway Congregational, Midway, GA); Eddie Colf (Brookmeade Congregational, Nashville, TN); Larry Evans (Midway Congregational, Midway, GA); Merianna Harrelson (Garden of Grace, Columbia, SC); Dana Harris (Trinity Congregational, Athens, AL); Courtney Jones (Pilgrimage UCC, Marietta, GA); Haley Lerner (Kirkwood UCC, Atlanta, GA); Carrole Moss (Victory for the World Church, Stone Mountain, GA); Barbara Myers (United Church of Cookeville, Cookeville TN); Shelli Poe (Safe Harbor Family Church, Clinton, MS); Ray Speller (Community Congregational, Montgomery, AL).A special thanks to the choir of Victory for the World Church and Minister Phillip Hill, the Director of Music who wrote and performed 2 original compositions.

Watch the Annual Meeting Opening Worship and Business Meeting: Both are located at