Important Annual Meeting Reminders

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Southeast Conference Annual Meeting – September 26

10 am Eastern / 9 am Central to 12 pm Eastern / 11 am Central

Annual Meeting Materials

Check the Annual Meeting page on our website for the Agenda, Business Items that will be voted upon, Staff/Committee reports, OCWM Recognitions, and Ordination Anniversary. We will soon be adding the tutorial for using Zoom Webinar for the meeting, including voting via polls or phone.

Number of Delegates

According to our Bylaws, each church is entitled to three (3) lay delegates. Churches of over one hundred members are entitled to one additional delegate for each one hundred members or major fraction thereof, with no church having more than ten (10) delegates. In addition, all authorized ministers holding standing in the Southeast Conference are voting delegates. If you have a question about the number of delegates your church has, send an email to Heather at

“Passing of the Peace” Videos

There will be time for your church to be visible during the “Passing of the Peace” at the beginning of our Annual Meeting Worship. Submit a 3-second video with a person saying, “Peace to you from (church name) located in (city/state).” This can be done during a regular zoom church gathering like a coffee hour, Bible study, youth group, kids time, etc. recording the group displayed in gallery view and waving, while one person speaks or ask 1-2 people to use their camera on their phone or computer to send the message.

Videos need to be emailed or texted by September 15 to Rev. Heather Fosburgh at If you have questions about sending the video, you can also contact Heather at (404-719-6572). We hope to get a recording from each of our churches!

Needed: A Few Good Tech Stewards for our Annual Meeting

Do you use Zoom a lot? Do you feel like you can answer questions about Zoom and help people log on? Are you available on September 26 from 9:30 am/8:30 am Eastern/Central to 12 pm/11 am? If you answered yes to these questions, we need your help! We are looking to gather a small team of Tech Stewards for our Annual Meeting on September 26. Our Tech Stewards would be a resource to answer questions for people joining the Zoom Webinar such as “I cannot hear anything” or “Why can’t I unmute myself?” You would be a resource during our meeting to be able to troubleshoot basic Zoom questions. If you are available and interested, please email Heather Fosburgh at with your name, email, phone, and what devices you are comfortable troubleshooting Zoom on i.e. iPhone, PC, Tablet.

Pre-Annual Meeting Zoom Meetings Being Held on September 21 and 24

Do you have questions about the business at Annual Meeting (located on the Annual Meeting website under Agenda Items)? Questions about beginning the search for a new Conference Minister? Not sure how to use the Zoom webinar? There are two Pre-Annual Meeting Zoom meetings set up for anyone to come and ask questions (you do not need to be a delegate). Meetings will be held on September 21 and 24 at 7:00 pm Eastern / 6:00 pm Central. Register for the Sept 21 session. Register for the Sept 24 session. These opportunities serve as our usual in-person hearings and workshops on the business at Annual Meeting.


It is our Conference custom to invite churches to share the list of those within their congregation who have died since the last Annual Meeting. Please provide one delegate (lay or clergy) with the list of names from your church. At the appropriate time on the Agenda, the assigned delegate will share the names.