Preparing for our “Virtual” Annual Meeting

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It may be August, but it is only six weeks until the Annual Meeting! Moving our Annual Meeting from June to September may seem strange, but even more strange is having it virtually! But with change brings new opportunities! Let me share a few of those new opportunities.

  1. Traveling will not be an issue, saving time and cost. You can participate from the comfort of your home – via computer or phone.
  2. Everyone can participate in our opening worship. Have you created your “Passing of the peace video?” We will begin our worship by passing the peace to everyone. See below how to do that. We would like every church to participate!
  3. Various voices will lift up our theme – “Streams of Connection: Our Calling to Reconcile the Beloved Community.”
  4. Although the Rev. Traci Blackmon, UCC Associate Minister for Justice and Local Church Ministries, is planning to be with us next year in Montgomery, AL, she will bless us with a virtual greeting this year!
  5. We will be learning how to vote by technology. Whether delegates participate via computer or phone, everyone will have the opportunity to speak and vote.
  6. All materials will be on our Conference website ( Therefore, you can view prior to the meeting. When you register there is the opportunity to indicate that you need materials mailed to you via the postal service.
  7. There will be two Pre-Annual Meeting Zoom meetings (September 21 and September 24; 7 pm Eastern/6 pm Central). These will provide the opportunity to ask questions about the business of the Annual Meeting or the technology prior to September 26.

Deadline for registration is September 19 (5 weeks away)! Only delegates register – this includes lay delegates and all Southeast Conference authorized ministers. We will be sharing a link for visitors to observe the meeting, but we really need registered delegates. We are required to have at least 75 delegates and 11 churches represented to meet our quorum.

I do think that this will be an exciting Annual Meeting as we celebrate who we are as the Southeast Conference and begin looking ahead to the future! I look forward to seeing you on Zoom!

Blessings, Char Burch
Transitional Conference Minister