Reflections from a Lifetime of Fighting Racism

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by Min. Carrole Moss, Generosity Coordinator

Min. Carrole Moss from her early days as a Black Panther

These past few weeks have been hard, and this Pandemic has not been kind to many of us, coupled with the recent “PUBLIC LYNCHINGS.” I am saddened as a Black Mother, of a Black son and two Black grandsons. My heart races when my phone rings, my heart is so torn… MY HEART HURTS!!

My first experience with this type of violence and hatred happened when I was eight years old. We were traveling to my sisters home, only to meet a man running with a knife in his hand. He was trying to flag us down for a ride. My dad, said NO. We traveled for a little ways (remind you, we lived in the country) when we witnessed the yard filled with people, standing over the body of a beautiful Black woman who had been decapitated. It turns out, she had rejected the advances of a white man and was murdered. Her sister was my classmate and she was my friend. I didn’t sleep for years, afraid and alone because I could not tell what I had seen for fear that my parents would face the same peril.

My father reassured me that it would be well and always supported me as I became involved in my civil rights endeavors. I wanted a change as I never understood why we were LESS THAN.

My summer of 1963 was spent organizing our MARCH ON WASHINGTON. I was the only female involved in that quest. We could not physically attend, but we did live in a small town called Washington, Arkansas and it was appropriate to have our March on Washington. When it was over and I returned home, I was met by my Father, who informed me that the KKK had been there and threatened my entire family and community. I believed then and still believed in the beliefs Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. I still believe in protesting, yet peacefully. I continue my fight and will never give up on believing that we can do this and that this is a mission and ministry that can only be accomplished by those who want change.

I moved to New York City and became a part of the Black Panther movement. That was an awesome experience we were taught how to protest and to help without violence. I have spent my life as an advocate for justice and equality. I served with some great advocates for equality and justice.

I have always been an advocate for civil and human rights. I continue to serve this great conference with dignity and pride and I encourage you ALL to do the same.

I have been told in the past weeks that I am probably suffering from PTSD. I had to give that some thought, and realized that not only am I suffering, we are ALL suffering from this condition.

We are, and have all been traumatized. I am a MOTHER TO A BLACK SON, A BLACK DAUGHTER AND TWO BLACK GRANDSONS AND ONE BLACK GRANDDAUGHTER. I shudder when my phone rings, I know the sound of their voices, I know when they are afraid. This is not normal.

Acts 2: 1-5 teaches:
When the Day of Pentecost had fully come, they were all with one accord, one place and suddenly a there came a sound from Heaven, as of a rushing mighty wind, and it filled the whole house where they were sitting. Then there appeared to them divided tongues, as f fire and one sat upon each of them. And they were filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak with other tongues as the Spirit gave them utterance.

I ask: Why are we struggling for answers? We are taught non-violence, yet our systems are uprooted in violence. We must acknowledge that the right thing does not ensure the right outcomes. Power never concedes power without a struggle. Sometimes that struggle becomes violent and violated. The Blood of Jesus will NEVER lose its power. We must realize that RACISM is the enemy. We must realize that we cannot continually have our eyes/mindset on the mountain..we simply cannot focus on the mountain, when the real work occurs in the valley. God has called us to do the valley ministry, to close the doors to the buildings and come down off the mountains and do real ministry…IN THE VALLEY. God is in the midst of this PANDEMIC. It is a time of change. Breathe on us, Please give us ears to hear, and hearts to receive what the Lord is trying to tell us. Breathe on us, reshape our minds. Spirit of the Living GOD, fall fresh on us. Spirit of the Living God, COME NOW AND BLESS US! We know that God can save us!

Reflecting on the past is often painful…Be encouraged and keep the faith. Its OK not to be OK. Remember: Its good to protest, Please do it peacefully so that there will be no more violence.

We are all in this together…This is not a sprint…this is a LONG run. “Mindset work” is not enough when your mind has been fed toxicity for decades. You have to challenge the racial programming FIRST, DURING AND ALWAYS TO MAKE PROGRESS. We need help because internalized toxicity often needs externalized support. Please VOTE! We can make a change.

Peace and Blessings,