Just Released: UCC Conference Ministers’ Worship Video for Local Churches

For clergy who are tired of designing worship or who are seeking something different: the UCC Conference Ministers have created a worship service that you may share with your congregation.

The service is based on Acts 17:22-31, from the lectionary for May 17th. However, it can be used at any time.

The Worship Service can be shared in its entirety or you can download various parts of it. There a bulletin for the Service and also a “Read-Only Service” that provides all the spoken material in written form.

We are particularly thankful for members of the Tri-Conference Staff (Rev. Brigit Stevens, Conference Minister, and Aidan Spencer, Communications Specialist) for creating the final formats and hosting them on their website.

The video and materials are available at: https://ucctcm.org/event/worship-with-the-council-of-conference-ministers/