Rev. Michael Malcom Named to Grist 50

Rev. Michael Malcom was recently selected as one of Grist 50 of rising stars for 2020 (and “Member’s Pick”. Grist finds emerging leaders who are cooking up the boldest, most innovative solutions to save our planet. They call these forward-thinking phenoms Fixers. This year, Grist started with 1,000 nominations and selected 50 people who are shaking up environmental policy, the food system, the clean-energy sector, art, commerce, and more. These talented, hard-working, spectacular folks give us hope for the future.

Malcom writes, “I am humbled because I was recommended for this honor. Thank you to those that have mentored, nurtured, and been patient with in my becoming. A special honor to Rev Kate McGregor Moseley, Dr Adrienne Hollis, Kathy Egland, Jacqui Patterson, Danna Smith, Rev Dr Gerald Durley, Rev Jim Antal, Rev Dr Brooks Berndt, Rev Leo Woodberry, and Michael Hansen for your love, friendship, and guidance. Also, thank you to the many people who encourage me to continue to fight for justice and equity. You all are my real-life heroes. I am because we are, we are because I am. Let us continue to do great work to help our communities!” Read more about Rev. Malcom’s work here.