COVID-19: Support for Clergy and Church Leaders

Grace and peace! I sincerely hope that you are doing well and able to take a deep breath in the midst of these anxious times.

In the face of coping with the COVID-19 virus, Clergy and Church Leaders need to make decisions about how to best protect their congregations and communities. Several of our churches have suspended worship and meetings for at least the next few weeks. You have my full support in doing this! Being proactive and focusing on prevention will make a difference!

Situations vary across the Southeast Conference. But situations also keep changing!  Therefore we have set up the following as a way to connect clergy/church leaders in the Southeast Conference for support and sharing of ideas. We have set up the following:

Zoom Meetings

Feel free to attend both meetings as we hear from each other.

In addition, there is the previously scheduled Specialized Ministers Conversation

A Special Facebook Group

We have a new Facebook Group for our clergy and local church lay leadership. You can join here: The group provides an asynchronous online forum to ask questions of each other, share experiences, make suggestions, offer support, etc.

You are in my thoughts and prayers as you make decisions; as you minister to those whose world has been drastically changed; as you bring words of hope into an atmosphere of fear and anxiety. May you feel God’s presence, God’s strength, and God’s peace through this difficult time – remembering that you are not alone.

Rev. Char Burch, Transitional Conference Minister
Cell phone: 404-615-2492