New Commission on Ministry Team Forming to Support New Churches

by Heather Fosburgh, Associate Conference Minister

You might know that within the last year and a half, the Southeast Conference has welcomed two new churches into the Conference. Both Forgiving Heart and Spirit of the Cross were congregations that existed before joining the UCC and both are very happy to be a part of the Conference and the UCC because as Rev. Richard Barham, Senior Pastor of Spirit of the Cross said at their Ecclesiastical Council last October, “we are not by ourselves anymore.” These two churches are not alone in searching for a community of likeminded churches in the South. The Conference Office routinely receives calls and emails from congregations and ministers who have an interest in affiliating with the UCC either as a new church start or an affiliating congregation.

In hopes of being able to support and follow through with churches and individuals with an interested in either affiliating or starting new churches, the Southeast Conference’s Commission on Ministry is forming a fourth team as part of the COM. Currently, there are three teams that support the work of the Commission on Ministry. The Preparation for Authorized Ministry Team supports those individuals working toward Authorized Minister Status in the Southeast Conference. The Ministerial Oversight, Transfers, and Standing Team work with those ministers who are already authorized. The Support and Nurture Team works to provide support for our ministers. This new team, the Church Team, will offer support at first to those wishing to start a new church or affiliate as an existing church. The COM is looking for individuals who might be interested in serving on this Church team.

If you are interested, please go here to submit your name for consideration for The Church team or any of the Conference’s committees.