Board of Directors Meet

The Southeast Conference Board of Directors met for a retreat at Covenant Community UCC in Birmingham, AL on September 20-21. It was a time for welcoming new Board members, as well as becoming oriented to the Conference and the work of the Board. Rev. Lee Albertson, who works with UCC Conferences in transition, was present to listen and provide the Board with information and guidance as the Board considered how to keep moving ahead. The Board anticipates having a plan to present to the Annual Meeting in June (June 19-20).

During the discernment process in 2018, there was an option considered to dissolve the Southeast Conference and have local churches combine with other conferences. This is no longer being considered! There is also no conversation about merging with another conference at this time. The current staff will continue until decisions are made about the future direction.

We encourage churches and authorized ministers to engage in ways to strengthen our mission and ministry together as the Southeast Conference.

Current Board Members (from the left): Penny Hensley, Char Burch, Carrole Moss, J R Finney, Hannah Mays, James Bowman Harris, Heith Battles, Gavin Warren, Heather Fosburgh, Jennifer Crane Crenshaw, Raymonda Speller, Ugena Whitlock, Ginnie Ferrell, Ann Michele Rogers-Brigham. Not pictured: Juanita Simmons, Bennie Liggins, Holly Kendal.