Upper Room Fellowship Fall Gathering in Nashville Oct 26

by Tony England, Coordinator
Upper Room UCC Fellowship

We are looking forward to upcoming UPPER ROOM UCC FELLOWSHIP Fall Potluck Supper on Saturday, Oct 26th @ 5:30 PM at Holy Trinity Community Church!  A wonderful time of UCC fellowship is planned with a potluck supper together, followed by an inspirational program with a “river” theme, featuring musical videos of the Boston Gay Men’s Chorus & other choirs, and Special Guest Speaker Rev. Char Burch, Transitional Conference Minister of the Southeast UCC Conference!  Evening’s Theme: “Letting the River of God’s Love Run!” i.e. in our daily lives & the life of the nation. Featured scriptures: Isaiah 66: 10-13a (NRSV) and Revelation 22:1-2 & 21:1-5a (NRSV) with their “river” and “New Jerusalem” themes.

Our two-fold purpose in meeting: To grow in being closer to God and one another in the Nashville & Mid-TN area United Church of Christ!  Invited UCC churches: Brookmeade Congregational Church, Holy Trinity Community Church, Howard Congregational Church, Phoenix Christian Church, Pleasant Hill Community Church, United Church of Cookeville, and all Mid-TN UCC churches! This will be a special 15th-anniversary meeting of the Upper Room UCC Fellowship ministry among Nashville & Mid-TN UCC churches. We began at Holy Trinity in Oct 2004, and have been expanding ever since, and so it is very appropriate that we return to Holy Trinity for our 15th anniversary! Hope all can come then, as October is usually so busy, including upcoming AL-TN-MS Association meeting on Oct 11-12th at highly esteemed United Church of Cookeville with beloved Rev. James Bowman Harris as pastor.  Hope to see you there too!

More about the Upper Room Fellowship

An association of United Church of Christ laypersons and UCC friends devoted to prayer & daily meditation on God’s Word as found in holy scripture and as found in Christ as Word made flesh to dwell among us that we might dwell in closer communion with God and one another in a greater Christ-centered and connected life of prayer and care through the practice and passion of abiding daily in the light and love of God’s healing and purifying Word in personal prayer & meditation and in intercessory prayer for others! In response to this divine love for all, we promote too the greater unity, fellowship and spiritual vitality of Nashville & Mid-TN United Church of Christ churches and UCC friends!

The Upper Room UCC Fellowship derives its name from our common use of the UPPER ROOM daily devotional for daily prayer & scripture meditation. Scripture cites the Last Supper in an “upper room” and the early church received the Holy Spirit in an upper room at Pentecost. To advance in spiritual growth & care for others we go daily to the upper rooms of mind & soul in meditation and prayer!

To encourage daily prayer & meditation on God’s Word, the Upper Room UCC Fellowship distributes the UPPER ROOM daily devotional & also promotes the UCC’s StillSpeaking daily devotional found only on-line. To encourage daily prayer & meditation on God’s Word and the greater unity, fellowship & spiritual vitality of area United Church of Christ churches & UCC friends, the Upper Room UCC Fellowship also organizes bi-annual potluck suppers with inspirational programs, rotated among area UCC churches. All Mid-TN UCC churches invited!

At potluck fellowship suppers with inspirational programs we rededicate ourselves anew to a life of prayer and care & daily meditation on God’s Word via the UPPER ROOM and the UCC’s StillSpeaking daily devotionals & have guest speakers on enhanced prayer life & relationship with God, and a greater life of faith & love in closer communion with God & one another! We believe that the keys to personal & church growth are daily meditation on God’s Word, personal & intercessory prayer, and interpersonal love and fellowship!