Being Open to New Insights and Understandings 

Grace and peace! Most mornings I take my coffee, sit out in our screened-in porch and reflect with the UCC Still Speaking morning devotional. The porch faces the rising sun that shines through rows of trees, and the sight and sound of birds fill the air. However, I have noticed change in the last few days. As we approach fall, the sun is rising at a slightly different angle and the shadows it casts through the trees is different. I am looking at the same view, but it looks very different.

It made me think about how often a small change can help us see things that we may not have noticed previously. It could be a comment made by an individual or an article we have read; it could be a personal story we heard or even just a question that has arisen. These can lead to seeing a situation or an issue in a slightly different way, providing depth and breadth to our overall understanding. Yet it takes focused listening and reflection to recognize and benefit from the additional insight.

Of course, sometimes we may not want additional insight: we have already made up our mind about a particular person, a situation, or an issue. We can be so focused in our opinion that we miss the comment or the new idea that someone expressed. Therefore, we can miss the insight that can open up new visions or new understandings of life’s complexities.

For some of us, September means a change in programs at church, rhythms of family life, or merely a beginning hint of the change in the weather. Whatever September may bring for you, may you be sensitive and open to how even the slightest change can bring new insights and understandings. Often it is in the midst of those little changes; however, they may come, that God is nudging us to see something new.

Blessings, Char Burch