New York Times Bestselling Author Featured in Webinar on April 30

The featured guest for this month’s Creation Justice Webinar recently entered into the New York Times bestseller list. Author adrienne maree brown will focus on the strategies and practices needed to build a vision-based, systemic-change-oriented movement. Brown will draw upon insights gained from years of working within organizations dedicated to environmental justice and black liberation.

With a wealth of insight and experience, adrienne maree brown has eloquently written for people who are seeking to radically change the world. Her approach to change manages to consider the big picture of the massive crisis situation we face while also focusing on the critical importance of the small. She brings a fresh perspective to how we think about relationships, interdependence, and the lessons of our natural world. She inspires change agents to expand their imaginations in seeking to transform our present conditions.

Brown is the author of “Emergent Strategy: Shaping Change, Changing Worlds” and the co-editor of “Octavia’s Brood: Science Fiction from Social Justice Movements.” In addition to her writing, she is a social justice facilitator, pleasure activist, healer, and doula living in Detroit.

This webinar is co-hosted by the Rev. Dr. Brooks Berndt of the United Church of Christ Environmental Justice Ministry and the Southeast Conference’s own Rev. Michael Malcom of Alabama Interfaith Power & Light and the People’s Justice Council.

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Special thanks to the sponsorship of the Cornerstone Fund in making this webinar possible.

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