Getting to Know One Another

One of the joys I experience is worshipping with different congregations within the Conference. Our churches are amazing! I must admit that it makes me proud to be part of the Southeast Conference!  But I wonder about ways that churches can know about each other so that they too can celebrate who we are. In my visits, I discovered one way…

I would like to share with you a practice that I witnessed at Spirit of the Cross Church in Huntsville, AL. Since they are relatively new to the Conference, their pastor Rev. Richard Barham, has been working to help the congregation know more about the other churches in the Conference.

Therefore, prior to each Sunday, he draws the name of a church in the Conference from a basket. Then he checks the church’s website and contacts the pastor to know more about that church and its ministry. He also lets the pastor know that the church will be in the prayers of Spirit of the Cross that Sunday. Pastor Barham then includes a short paragraph about the selected church in the bulletin for Sunday, talks about that church during the worship service and lifts them up in prayer. In addition, a card addressed to the church that was lifted up in prayer, is distributed throughout the congregation for people to sign indicating that they prayed for the church. The card is then sent to that church.

This is a wonderful way for a congregation to learn about another congregation. But there is more… One of our pastors who received a card signed by the congregation at Spirit of the Cross noted that it meant a lot to his congregation; to know about the connection and prayers lifted up by the Spirit of the Cross Church.

What if all of our churches did this? It is a great way to discover the amazing churches that are part of the Southeast Conference!