PATHWAYS Theological: Affordable, Online Theological Education

by Rochelle Lofstrand, Acting Executive Director

PATHWAYS Theological, Inc. is affordable and accessible online program in progressive theology. Participants are not bound by geography and have a flexible time schedule over the course of each week. The weekly readings and the facilitated accompanying online forum offer a practical, open-minded education and create a learner-centered environment where participants can bring their own questions and wisdom.  Our upcoming courses are listed below. For inquiries or registration email us at or

L3.6 Professional Boundaries and Ministerial Self-Care (Feb 27-Apr 9)    

In this course, we will explore ethics and their application for professional pastoral ministers. We will consider the boundaries that define the relationships between professional pastoral ministers and congregants. ($295)

L1.4 The Stories of Christian Saints and Sinners (Mar 6-Apr 16)

This course provides an overview of the 2000 plus year history of the Christian church in chronological order and in themes or patterns within the history. ($295)

L1.5 Spiritual Care of Self and Others (May 1-Jun 11)

This course is an opportunity for participants to explore their understanding of self as members of a Christian community and to develop skills to teach and support others about specific aspects of the Christian tradition that support self-care.  ($295)

L2.4 New Testament Hermeneutics  (May 1 – June 11)

In this course, participants will explore the New Testament using historical critical methods and other tools of Biblical interpretation. Participants will learn the interpretive tool of sanctified imagination and apply Biblical insight to 21st century issues. ($295)

L2.6/L2.7 UCC History & Polity (May 1 – July 20)

The purpose of this course is to explore the history, polity, theologies, and practices of the United Church of Christ and its predecessor denominations. Successful completion of this course will fulfill the history and polity requirement for authorized ministry in the United Church of Christ in many associations and conferences. ($595)