UCC Racial Justice Ministry Book Discussion

The United Church of Christ (UCC) Racial Justice Ministry will host its first Book Discussion featuring, “Preaching as Resistance: Voices of Hope, Justice & Solidarity” edited by Phil Snider Thursday, March 7, 2019, 12 noon – 1 pm EST via live webinar discussion. You must registration at www.ucc.org and proceed to the Racial Justice webpage to join the discussion. Registration includes a free book for the first 10 registrants.

Book discussions are meant to stimulate new ideas for equipping yourself and others to act justly and dismantle systems of injustice. Book discussions are also intended to:

  1. Gather people for a lively and necessary conversation about issues impacting the Church and society
  2. Listen, learn, and develop new ideas and relationships
  3. Engage your congregation, community, and organizations toward racial equity and justice
  4. Learn more about Sacred Conversations to End Racism, a UCC restorative justice journey curriculum
  5. Meet some of the authors and ask relevant questions that will move your work and journey forward
  6. Recommend the books and invite others to join

Remember, the first 10 registrants will receive a free book. For more information contact Alegra Martin martina@ucc.org (216) 736-3712

The first book discussion is, Preaching as Resistance: Voices of Hope, Justice & Solidarity edited by Phil Snider. Pastor Phil Snider has assembled outstanding preachers as contributors. Their voices challenge, liberate, lift, and bring a sound theological and biblical basis for preaching prophetic and pastoral sermons. Pastor Phil will be joining the discussion Thursday, March 7, 12 noon – 1 pm. We look forward to seeing you.