Fall 2018 UCC Statistical Profile Available

The Fall 2018 UCC Statistical Profile is now available from the Center for Analytics, Research and Data (CARD) of the UCC in Cleveland. CARD is a church-wide resource whose task is to gather, provide, and interpret information and trends for the purpose of illuminating the past, realizing the present, and envisioning the future of the United Church of Christ in the larger context. They collect, analyze, maintain and report data for wider church use, including this annual statistical profile based directly from data gathered during the annual yearbook reporting from local congregations.

To view the latest trends and statistics on congregations, members, ministers, and various aspects of ministry, a printable PDF is available on the CARD website at this link: https://www.uccfiles.com/pdf/2018-UCC-Statistical-Profile.pdf.

This year we have reports from from different teams within Justice and Local Church Ministries – the first on advocacy efforts through the Justice and Peace Action Network (JPANet), the second report provides results from the UCC Climate survey conducted by  the Environmental Justice office, and the third shares themes from the New and Renewing Spiritual Communities Grant process.

You may also access the ready-to-use Power Point presentation so you can utilize the charts for your own presentation needs or other resources. We do ask that you cite The Center for Analytics, Research and Data – CARD when using any of the charts, statistics and text within the Profile. We would also love to hear feedback and learn all the ways the statistics are used in your setting.  We hope you enjoy this year’s snapshot on the state of the church.